Welcome to WARAKUEN, a Japanese traditional style hotel with the spirit of tea. We are located in Ureshino Hot Spring, Saga, known as one of Japanfs three major hot springs for skin beautifying effect. gTeah was treated as medicine when it first arrived from ancient China. This indicates that tea, now a household item, contains many things to support your health. At WARAKUEN, home of tea spirit, we offer you to experience the special tea of Ureshino, more thoroughly than you can imagine ? gdrinkh, geath and even gbathe inh.


Spacious and tranquil rooms in traditional Japanese style. Put away your watch and indulge yourself in this purely Japanese setting, facing a lush private garden. Seven out of ten Sazan Tei rooms come with their own outdoor hot spring. Enjoy luxurious time in your own hot spring anytime, as long as your heart desires. Standard rooms in the main building offer the town view with Ureshino River running through it. Discover the comfort in calm Japanese setting. (*Some rooms are facing mountains.)


Hot spring of this area is sodium bicarbonate spring, rich in sodium and known to make your skin beautiful. Softens keratinized skin, and you will feel your skin silky and generously moisturized.

Soak in our one-of-a-kind gTea Bathh of local specialty gUreshino Teah. Poured from a gigantic stone tea pot, essence of tea fills the tub.

Special packets of tea provided by the tub, you can literally feel the virtue f tea from your head to toe. Donft miss this newest tea delight.

Surrounded by a Japanese garden and its seasonal appearance, Takimino Yu Grand Bath offers you the bathing experience you want to take time to savor. Donft forget to step outside and try our outdoor hot spring of gRyokusenh as well.
For our hotel guests Opening hours: 14:00-25:00 / 5:00-10:00
For visitors Opening hours: 11:30-20:00 Adult:1,000 yen, Children under 14: 500 yen, Small children: free

Choose from gTsuyukusah with stone bathtub made out of a single rock and gNadeshikoh with 1.8m(6 feet) diameter wooden bathtub made of old sake barrel from a real sake brewery. Each accommodates 3-4 guests.

For our hotel guests Opening hours: 14:00-21:00 / 2,000 yen per cabin for 50 minutes
For visitors Opening hours: 11:30-21:00 / 3,500 yen per cabin for 50 minutes


Seasonal Kaiseki course meal with abundance of delicacy of the season will please your palate.
Fresh, mouth-watering seafood from Genkainada and Ariakekai seas, gtea porridgeh with special Ureshino tea, Ureshino townfs famous ghot spring yudofug, to name a few. Enjoy the meticulous and heart-filled preparation of our chef.
Dinner 18:00-20:00 Breakfast 7:30-9:30
We also offer additional dishes for your added dining experience (additional charges apply). Japanfs famous wagyu beef steak is so popular that some travel all the way to Japan just to taste it. You can feel the melting sensation in your mouth. Arrange for this extraordinary culinary pleasure when you make your reservation. For details, please contact us.


When you feel like going away or free yourself from daily fatigue, treat yourself and visit us at WARAKUEN. This is your ghomeh in a different style - we welcome you with hear-filled delicacies and silky soft hot spring. We sincerely hope to be a home away from home for you who accumulate special time.

Main building 40
SAZAN-TEI 11 (7 with outdoor hot spring)
villa 5 (3 with outdoor hot spring)

Banquet room (347 square meters/3,735 square feet, 106 square meters/1,141 square feet, 66 square meters/710 square feet, 33 square meters/355 square feet)

Restaurant, Multi-purpose hall, Lobby, Gallery, Gift ship, Tea room, Spa (16:00-24:00 open)

Check in 15:00 Check out 10:00

Credit cards accepted: DINERSCLUB, JCB, DC, VISA/MASTER, NICOS, UC, AMEX, debit card

Parking capacity: 20 motor coaches, 60 passenger cars


Filled with tranquility, these luxury villas in pure Japanese style create traditional chic against the Japanese garden of seasonal grace. Unwind in the reserved and elegant ambience with the taste of wabi-sabi.


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¡By car
 From Fukuoka to Ureshino Interchange: 1 hour 20 minutes
 From Nagasaki to Ureshino Interchange: 1 hour
 From Kumamoto to Ureshino Interchange: 1 hour 30 minutes

¡By train Hakata Station,
Fukuoka¨60 minutes¨Takeo Onsen Station¨30 minutes¨JR Ureshino Onsen Bus Center¨3 minutes¨WARAKUEN
 From Osaka to Hakata: 2 hours 30 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train
 From Hiroshima to Hakata: 1 hours by Shinkansen bullet train
¦From Hakata to Takeo: 1 hour by JR express train

¡By air
 From Tokyo to Nagasaki Airport: 1 hour 55 minutes
 From Osaka to Nagasaki Airport: 1 hour 10 minutes
¦Take a car/taxi from Nagasaki Airport: 40 minutes