Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no yado Warakuen




We offer luxury banquet cuisine with fresh food and ingredients in season.
You can have a taste of the finest seafood from Genkai sea and Ariake sea. Ureshino specialty ‘Hot spring tofu’ and the unique ‘Tea porridge’ which is made by authentic Ureshino tea. Please come and enjoy our best chief’s masterwork.

About the dinner

Opening hours 18:00 - 21:00
Additional order Please contact us if there are any requirements when making the appointment of the meal.
Hot spring tofu       
¥805/ 1 serving (tax excluded)
Sage beef steak       
¥4,025/ 1 serving (tax excluded)
Assorted Sashimi dishes   
¥4,600/ 2 servings (tax excluded)
Saga Beef tea Shabu Shabu 
¥4,025/ 1 serving (tax excluded)
Whole sea bream sashimi  
¥11,500/ 5 servings (tax excluded)
  • Hot spring tofu
    Hot spring tofu
  • Sage beef steak
    Sage beef steak
  • Saga Beef tea Shabu Shabu
    Saga Beef tea Shabu Shabu

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About the breakfast

Opening hours 7:30 - 9:30
Breakfast menu Ureshino specialty ‘hot spring tofu’‘tea porridge’ etc.

The rice is growth in Shiroishi, Saga Prefecture with a high reputation and commitment.

  • Sample of the breakfast
    Sample of the breakfast
  • Rice from Shiroishi
    Rice from Shiroishi
  • Tea porridge
    Tea porridge

Pictures are only for your reference.

Shunsaian Ureshino-Komachi

Please enjoy the seasonal banquet cuisine that colors the four seasons in a traditional Japanese-style restaurant ‘Shunsaian Ureshino Komachi’.

We offer both spacious space for a wider view and private rooms for small groups of people to relax and enjoy their meal.