Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no yado Warakuen



The style of Warakuen to enjoy the tea

The style of Warakuen to enjoy the tea

Tea was imported from the ancient China as a kind of herb.
Nowadays, the tea that we have every day contains ingredients for body health.
Cyagokoro no yado Warakuen uses tea for drink, food and bath. Please enjoy the variety of ways to relax with the tea.

Specialty ‘Ureshino tea’

Specialty ‘Ureshino tea’

Ureshino tea is said to have been started in 1440, when the Chinese who came to Hirado, lived in this area and cultivated their own tea while baking pottery.
It has a special form and flavor among all the Japanese tea.
It is called “tama green tea” because the shape of the tea is round. It also has the fragrant smell and refreshing taste.

Enjoy the tea bath

the tea bath

What is the tea bath?

In the outdoor tea bath 『Ryokusen』, hot water full of tea extractive is poured from the stone teapot beside the hot spring into the bathtub.
Ureshino tea is soaked in the teapot. The tea bath opened in September 1996 as Japan's first attempt. The idea was simple that using Ureshino tea, a special product, between the president of the hotel and the tea producers, and said, “Let's take tea in the bath”. However, tea has been reviewed in a social situation where beauty and health thinking are increasing, and it has gained popularity.

the tea bath

The efficacy of the tea bath

The Ureshino Hot Spring is the sodium hydrogen carbonate and chloride spring.
Tea contains ingredients such as catechin, vitamin C, and caffeine, and it provides bactericidal effects as well as whitening and skin benefits.
Tea is good for you whether you eat it, drink it, or take it to bath.

Summary of taking bath

  1. Warm yourself by Ureshino hot spring
    Ureshino Hot Spring is a colorless and transparent sodium bicarbonate spring. The smooth hot water will warm your body.
  2. Relax yourself by the open-air hot spring bath
    Ureshino hot spring and the ingredients of tea make the water showed in a brown color. If you immerse yourself in hot water, you can relax yourself by the smell of the tea.
  3. Patting by the tea pack
    To increase the whitening effect of vitamin C, one of the active ingredients of tea, please use the tea pack beside the hot spring. Immerse yourself in the hot spring and pat the tea pack at any of the body parts as you prefer.

Enjoy the meal

the meal

The meal that you can only enjoy in Saga

You can enjoy different kind of authentic Saga food not only Ocha Shabu with Ureshino tea and beef or pork.


Recommended tea

Please enjoy our original product "Ocha-suri"
We provide a cup for everyone in the morning. Please feel free to taste it.

Sold at the souvenir shop in the hotel.


What is ‘Ochasu’ ?

As an original product of our place, there are varies of ways to enjoy it.

We provide a cup for everyone in the morning. Please feel free to taste it.

Sold at the souvenir shop in the hotel.

Enjoy ‘Susuri cha’

‘Susuri cha’

What is ‘Susuri cha’ ?

A traditional way of having tea from China, using only a Sencha bowl with a lid and no teapot.
Susuri tea can be brewed for three times and the taste for each time is different.
Please eat the tea leaves in the end.
Since it is a tea that you can enjoy slowly over time, it takes about 40 minutes to taste it.

Three types of courses are available. Please enjoy Ureshino tea made with great care. Both courses come with a set of sweets.

The Gyokuro of Ureshino…¥1,000 The special sweet taste and the mellow flavour
Steamed round green tea…¥800 Fresh and Tasty tea
Stir-fried round green tea…¥800 A roasting incense peculiar by stir-fried kettle and refreshing taste over the throat