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Hot spring bath

One of the three skin-care hot springs in Japan ‘Ureshino Onsen’

Ureshino Hot Spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring that is said to have a beautifying effect, contains a lot of sodium, smoothies the keratinized skin, and moisturizes your skin. The open-air bath is a very rare tea bath even in Japan where tea from the “Ureshino” teahouse is soaked in a bath.
Hot water full of tea extractive is poured from the huge stone teapot to the bathtub.

Efficacy of Ureshino Onsen

  • Neuralgia
  • Contusion
  • Chronic Digestive diseases
  • Recovery from illness
  • Muscular pain
  • Movement paralysis
  • Hemorrhoid
  • Health Enhancement
  • Arthralgia
  • Twisted joint
  • Coldness
  • Skin diseases
  • Frozen shoulde
  • Soothing effect
  • Joint stiffness
  • Chronic women's disease

About the hot spring in our hotel

  • Water is added for bathing intend to have a suitable temperature.
  • The open-air bath with guest rooms at ‘Sazantei’, the guest room and bath at ‘Suigetsu’, and the private open-air bath ‘Nagomi no yu’ are baths with a source spring.
  • Original Hot Spring: Ureshino Hot Spring
  • Spring type: Sodium bicarbonate chloride spring

Day trip bath

Day trip bath
  • Price: Adult ¥1,200/ Child (primary school) ¥600
  • 8 tickets will be needed if you would like to use the ‘Yuyu-Ureshino’ hot spring tickets
  • Opening hours: 11:30 - 15:00
  • For routine cleaning, the public bath is opened from 15:00 every Tuesday.
  • If it is crowded depending on the time of day, it may be temporary closed.
If congestion is expected on that day, it may be terminated without notice.
It is recommended that you call in advance on the day of your visit, especially for bathing at Warakuen from a long distance.
Due to the problem with the capacity of public space and bath hall in the hotel, priority is given to customers who have reservation (staying in our hotel or banquets etc.) as a guideline of the hotel. Thank you for your understanding.

The guard for Hot Spring

Who is hot spring guard?

Who is hot spring guard?

Staff performs wide range of work from hot spring cleaning to temperature check.

There are many staff members working at the hotel, including the three in the right hand side photo.
In order to protect the name of Ureshino Onsen, which is famous for its beauty skin, we carry out daily work carefully and promptly to satisfy our customers.

Until the ‘Tea’ bath is established

Until the ‘Tea’ bath is established

It is a very rare bath in the whole country, and it is a bath that we are proud of.
Every morning, a pack of Ureshino tea is soaked in, and hot water full of tea extract is poured from the huge stone teapot to the bathtub to complete the "tea" bath.

The hot spring of our hotel

The hot spring of our hotel

We take water from the place which manages the hot spring in Ureshino.