Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no yado Warakuen



Welcome to Warakuen

If you want to have a trip and get rid of the usual fatigue, Warakuen is a perfect place for you.
We devote to offer special food and hot spring that may let you feel back home.
We wish to be your villa in your special day with us.

Time of reception

  • Check in: Start from 15:00
  • Check out: Until 10:00
  • The cash card is available at the reception counter.(DINERSCLUB, JCB, DC, VISA/MASTER, NICOS, UC, AMEX, DEBIT CARD, Electronic money, PayPay)
  • Parking area: 10 Bus, 60 private car

Indoor map of the hotel

Indoor map of the hotel


  • Guest room
    Guest room
  • Hot spring
    Hot spring
  • Banquet hall
    Banquet hall

    Any kind of significant event, we accept every small to large banquets

  • Ureshino Komachi
    Ureshino Komachi

    A restaurant with a modern Japanese style

  • Entrance

    Main entrance with a relaxed atmosphere

  • Lobby

    Lobby with the flavor of tea incense burner

  • Gallery

    The Exhibition and selling of famous Arita/Imari portray

  • Souvenir Shop
    Souvenir Shop

    Selling well-praised Ureshino tea and other specialties

  • Multi-functional hall Yamamomiji
    Multi-functional hall Yamamomiji

    Can be used as dining hall and conference court

A place for Healing

A place for Healing

We have turtles living at the corner of the steps in the lobby in the representation of long-life.
Please enjoy your leisure time cozily with them
Please count. How many are they?

  • A place for Healing
  • A place for Healing



All of the staff wear name tags on-duty

The national flag on the name tag refers to the language that staff can use. Please feel free to ask if there are any questions.