Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no yado Warakuen


Main building

Ureshino city view, Main building 2nd floor to 5th floor

  • Japanese style room
  • Japanese modern room (7 rooms)

Good views on Ureshino River and the main street.
A place for you to enjoy the Japanese style peacefulness. (Also contains a part of the mountain-view guest rooms)

We prepared different type and different size of guest rooms.

Guest room


Room type:15+10 tatami

This is the biggest room in our hotel. You could use it by at large 12 persons. We recommended this room for big family or a large group of people.


Room type:15 tatami

Recommended for family and group people, you could use it by at large 7 persons.

  • 和モダンWAMODAN

  • no smoking

Room type:10 tatami・8 tatami

It will be a Japanese style room with bed made by Simmons. There would have two beds in the room with 16.5m2 or 13.5 m2.


Room type:10 tatami・8 tatami

Recommended for married or couples. You could enjoy the different kind of Japanese style room.


Room type:7.5 tatami

Recommended for business man or people who travel alone, you could forget the job of your daily life and enjoy in this Japanese style room.